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Welcome to Your Time To Bloom, Womens Wellbeing - Natural Solutions. I am Heather, a women of a certain age who has finally found my passion in life. It may have taken me a few decades and a lot of self-awareness and work. Well better late and never, I have taken a personal passion and hobby became certified and now want to share the benefits of natural solutions and show you the difference you can make to your overall well - being using easy to follow natural solutions. 

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My Story

I’m Heather a 55 year old who is on her third try at finding a career that I love. How did I
find it? I stumbled into it.


I have taken my own experiences of suffering from mental health issues, stomach issues and acid reflux (all of which I was on long term medications). Then being thrust into the menopause through surgery and not knowing what was happening to me or where to turn. I wasn't really sure about Hormone Replacement Therapy anyway; however I was then told by my GP that I was unable to take HRT and wasn't offered any alternatives or even any
advice. My first reaction was well I will just have to put up with whatever is thrown at me.
Then the symptoms started to impact the quality of my life and I started to withdraw from
the world. Not good enough! This was the last straw!! It became obvious that where I needed to start was
recognising my symptoms which although this isn’t the path most would take, for me it
seemed the sensible path was to do a diploma in Menopause. I know right? Maybe I already
had my eye on a new career path. I have always been an advocate for natural solutions, so
why not research what natural solutions I could use to treat my menopause symptoms and why stop there what about all my other ailments.

It worked, I got me back and actually it could be said I am a better, definitely a more confident
version of myself. I have spent years fighting mental health issues, bowel and gastro
problems now controlled using natural solutions. Allowing me to grab life by the scruff of
the neck.

Aswell as my continued love for travel, books, theatre and eating out. I now take swing
classes, determined to finally pass my driving test, and never, well nearly always never say
no to new experiences including surfing, wild swimming, para sailing and much more.
Menopause is not the end and it has certainly been a new beginning for me. We have a lot
of living left to do. Through all the challenges and just getting to this point in life I have
become someone that lives life to the fullest and I don’t really care what people have to say.

I want you to have that same experience and as a certified alternative practitioner in a range
of therapies I can give you that experience and freedom. I hold myself accountable for

keeping up to date with developments and making sure I am always developing my skills so
that you will always have access to the latest proven advancements in natural Menopause

I’m currently certified in many natural solutions including:

Herbal Medication
Sleep Therapy
Breath Therapy
Master Hypnotherapist

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I am always happy to chat, so if you have any queries or just want to talk and see if natural solutions are for you. Then please reach out.

+44 (0)75347

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